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SweetKick Limited Seychelles is appointed as the official business advisor for Eastern Europe, Italy and USA related to the webcam activity. is operated in an open and honest fashion as a club for the benefit of the members. The success of the Site and in turn of its advertisers is dependent on the authenticity of those that advertise on. All members are expected to operate in an open, fair and proper manner. If you were required by the site to be under Advisor’s control , please be advised that this is a final warning regarding your activity on the website. We require you to accept our terms in order to use the webcam facility. As a controlled model your activity will be monitored by the ACT FAIR TEAM. Email support is provided regarding problems, rules or options on, with answers within 24h and the Advisor fee is of 2% effective from your total revenue. The ACT FAIR TEAM works to ensure all models and studios comply with the Terms of Use. Joining our control system does not help you get around any of the rules or requirements. All other Terms are stated in the form (see also the Special Terms below).
In order to join the controlled section, you need to fill in the form clicking the button Online Form.  Upon approval you will receive an email to confirm it.

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Members from certain countries, (e.g. Eastern European countries, Italy, USA), may well be subject to additional verification and ID requirements, performed by Business Advisors. In order to reactivate your profile or maintain your membership you will be required to verify to a business advisor that you are who you say you are by providing government ID, proof of residency, photo ID and whatever else they deem fit, to legally bind you to the term of use of Site. Should you not accept any of the Site's rules or decisions, simply don't register. Go elsewhere.
All documents must be uploaded to the site's platform only, using the link:
Please note advisors may contact you directly by email using the Site or their own email address. You are not obliged to provide this information and we are not obliged to continue your membership.  You consented to the terms of use when you registered.  Having breached them or being associated to those that have, has brought you here. It is not optional for you, it is optional for us to decide. Business Advisors are entitled to refuse you membership to the Site.
As of November 2013 SKL have been granted authority to use the brand in various marketing activities. These activities include and are not limited to, media and content for social networking sites, YouTube and iTunes. Select members of the Site may be contacted by SKL with regards to participation in such promotions or for the creation of promotional material.

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